Echelon Pathways Foundation
A little about EPF

Why is EPF here?

Echelon Pathways Foundation is an organization born out of being frustrated with frustration.   Education has become a hotbed for conflict; political and cultural clashes around curriculum; how to apply technology; how the educational system functions in general; etc.
But, it does not have to be this way.  And so, our frustration becomes motivation; motivation to build a better way for everyone.  WE BELIEVE that a new approach will calm the environment.  These conflicts ALWAYS yield someone losing for no reason, but EPF will provide a platform designed for WIN/WIN opportunities instead.  Careful use of modern technology and mindsets WILL solve this!   With a clean-slate platform supporting a new way of delivering curriculum, 2 learners CAN take the same class with the platform configured to respect their family/cultural choices.
This concept is not new; FAR from it!   For decades, there have been books for entertainment with the choose your own method that have provided many differing outcomes with just 1 book.   We will bring technology to this concept and provide each learner tailored curriculum that focuses on the needs of the learner/family.   Meanwhile, the platform will carefully navigate state academic standards to maintain consistency.

The Pathways ahead are many, as are the challenges; but that will ALWAYS be true.  This is why EPF is developing solutions that grow and adapt to the needs of the time.

What do we do?

EPF is an Education and Technology organization that empowers education in the United States through:

Who are we?

You cannot make an education platform to support the future without the best and brightest right from the classrooms.  Every subject, grade, state, need; our team will ensure unmatched coverage of learner/learning needs. 


Our team brings the very best of software development in web, mobile apps, virtual/augmented reality, security and much more.  Simplicity and ‘easy of use’ are  critical to empowering better education.

How will we proceed?

Our first focus will be the high school years and then we will work outward from there.   After high school curriculums are established, we will begin stepping back to middle school content at the same time we will step forward into providing post-secondary trade programs.   Elementary would follow, more advanced post-secondary curriculums, and so on.

HOWEVER, bringing a whole new way to American learners is not only exciting, but it can bring risks if not handled well.   One of the biggest risks can be to new learners in year-1 of full public use; we do not want to impact the continuity of the educational process for anyone.

To manage these risks, EPF will offer an initial free PILOT program to non-traditional/Adult learners that are interested in obtaining their high school diploma.   This pilot will allow for great interactivity between EPF and direct learners so we can gain insights.   We will refine and elevate the quality of the platform based on this feedback for a more graceful first step into the market for traditional aged learners.