Progress Awareness for Parents/Guardians

Parents often feel in the dark about how course work is going.   Many schools provide online gradebook portals, but the timeliness of items recorded can often lag.   The next thing you know, it is updated and suddenly the race is on to catch up, do corrections or just figure out what happened.

We will have a mobile app just for parents/guardians to monitor progress, receive TIMELY notifications and be aware of forth coming work.   All work required for each class will be posted on day-one with a clear schedule so everyone knows exactly what is coming and when.   This can be especially helpful for large projects requiring shopping for supplies (science projects, presentations, etc).   We hate last second rushes to the store as much as anyone.

Supporting Trades

The normal assumption today is high school is a stepping-stone to college. However, there is a growing demand for trade workers and in-turn trade focused curriculums. College paths often result in burdensome student loan debt only to give marginal income increase after graduation. Conversely, trade paths can offer learners options with much lower financial commitment to get into the workforce. EPF seeks to develop programs and opportunities for learners to experience trades much earlier allowing learners/families to make informed choices on their futures.

Review frequency less than 3 years

A common complaint of platforms today (especially on-line platforms) is that its not refreshed/reviewed.   It is not uncommon to see content with copyright marks 10 years old or more.   This is often due to for-profit online schools looking to maximize profits by not investing in these reviews and refreshes. &nbsp
This is not sustainable.   With the pace of society and technology changes, constant attention must be kept on maintaining the platform and content.   Not doing this will eventually return to the same problems we experience today. &nbsp

Echelon Pathways Foundation will have all content and delivery methods maintained on a minimum of a 3-year cycle to prevent stagnation.   If there is a compelling reason to review something earlier than the 3-year mark, we will certainly do so. &nbsp

Connecting Remote with Brick/Mortar

One of the base concepts is the same platform will fully support in-person learning and remote learning.   As this concept progresses, EPF will work with schools to promote opportunites for remote learners with in-person school programs such as sports, band and clubs.   If there is a large enough concentration of remote learners in a region, additional clubs can be fostered through the platform and additional social connection within the courses can be driven by these memberships.